Air handlers are used to help circulate the air that your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump produces throughout your home.

It is a key part of your system that works in the background to help keep the temperature in your home evenly distributed. 

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Before the cooling or heating season, it is important to have your system checked out by one of our maintenance experts. Small problems can quickly become bigger issues as your system runs continuously. Just as your automobile needs regular maintenance, so does your HVAC system. Some of the benefits of regular maintenance include

  • Comfort when it matters most
  • Lower energy costs
  • Longer lifespan for your systems 
  • Cleaner air 
  • Less chance of costly repairs 

An air handler’s job is to distribute cool air from an air conditioner or hot and cold air from a heat pump. Many homeowners will assume all of their heating and cooling issues are directly related to their A/C or heat pump when the air handler could very well be responsible.

Signs Your Air Handler Needs to Be Repaired?

  • An air handler giving off strange noises
  • Water leaking from an air handlers condensate pan
  • Weak or inconsistent airflow throughout your home 
  • A musty or moldy smell in the air

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